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EAN / UPC Barcodes + ISRC Codes


Your CD or Vinyl Record will need a Barcode if you want any local store or online outlet to stock it.
You will also need a valid Barcode number in order to register for PPL / Neighbouring Rights.
We can provide Barcodes for you whether you're our existing client or not.

EAN Barcode : (13 digits for use especially in the European Market)
UPC Barcode : (12 digits for use Worldwide)

  • Receive both EAN and UPC Barcodes at No Extra Cost
  • No Renewal Fees, Annual Fees or Membership Charges are Required
  • All Barcodes are VERIFIED and YOURS FOR EVER
  • Supplied as .jpg files for easy printing
  • Accepted on Online & Offline Retailers WORLDWIDE
  • Use INSTANTLY on Amazon / eBay & Other Retailers
  • Very Fast Order Processing 24/7
  • Use BARCODES on CD's / DVD's / Vinyl Records etc.
  • BARCODES identify the product and do not embed a retail price.
  • ISRC CODES can also be provided free of charge if required
Barcodes are provided free of charge on DOWNLOAD releases through Confidential Records and these can be used for an identical PHYSICAL version as well, if appropriate


When releasing CD, Vinyl or Digital releases your songs require ISRC Codes (International Standard Recording Codes).
We can provide these free of charge for all clients of Maori Music Publishing and / or Confidential Records, even if the release is to be on your own DIY Label / Imprint.
(ISRC Codes are automatically issued for all manufacturing / releases through Confidential Records)

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