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We're always interested in hearing from new Singer Songwriters or Bands / Acts based in the UK, BAHAMAS, MALTA, GIBRALTAR or CYPRUS.

NOTE : We do not accept Demo Submissions from other countries at this time and do not accept any unsolicited submissions by other means such as links to social media site audio etc.
Completing this form is the only way we consider music submissions.

Confidential Records (Est. 1980) has never been a genre specific label.
Over the years we have released everything from Pop to House to Punk and everything inbetween.
It's a good idea to listen to some music in our current catalogue before sending yours.
What is important to us is the spirit of the music and the attitude of the people that make it!


Strictly speaking, "demo" is quite an outdated term.
We're looking for studio-quality recordings from Bands / Acts who play "live" regularly and have a professional looking social media presence.
It is hard to say what the reason is that we release certain things and skip other things, since we sort of do what 'feels right / sounds right'.
For us it's the whole package, not only the music, but the people making it is a big part as well.
When you send us stuff, tell us something about yourself.
If we say 'no' to a demo it doesn't necessarily mean we can't help you in other ways such as publishing and royalty recoveries, but we need to feel that working together will benefit everyone concerned.
We have to be right for you too!

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