Maori Music Publishing UK Ltd

MAORI MUSIC is a UK Music Publisher, Royalty Administrator and Rights Management company based in Yorkshire, England.

With Maori Music you're a name, not a number!

Our services are open to any Band / Act of any level and in any musical style in the UK or Abroad to promote their music for use in Film / TV / Media Projects and helps in the recovery and collection of any ´live´, broadcast, digital, performance and mechanical royalties due to them.



  • Actively searches for synchronisation & licensing opportunities to use your music in Film / TV / Media Projects etc.

  • Recovers royalties from broadcast, mechanical, ´live´ performance and YouTube use of your music in the UK and Abroad for you by pro-actively managing your song catalogue.

  • Recovers additional digital royalties from organisations such as PPL, SoundExchange and Music Reports for you.

  • Pays you an excellent royalty rate of 80% on all earnings, with NO upfront fees for any of our music publishing services.

  • Offers all UK clients a range of advance options, including Live Performance Cash Advances.

  • Offers specialised publishing services for DJs / Producers and all International clients.

  • Provides Publishing Administration for Independent Label and Management Company rosters.

  • Undertakes quarterly reviews of all client accounts and allows you to request special reviews to see how your song catalogue is performing.

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