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Digital Distribution


Licensed Distribution to Sell Your Music Worldwide!

CONFIDENTIAL RECORDS works with DIY Labels, Independent Record Labels, Management Companies and unsigned Bands / Artists to sell their music Worldwide through major online stores such as iTunes / Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon etc.

We can distribute:

  • SINGLES (1 Track)
  • EPS (2-4 Tracks)
  • MINI ALBUMS (5-7 Tracks)
  • STANDARD ALBUMS (8-12 Tracks)
  • DOUBLE ALBUMS (13-20 Tracks)

Key Benefits :

  • Worldwide Distribution fees from just GBP£20.00
  • Choice of 1, 2 or 5 year release campaigns
  • Released on your own Label / Imprint
  • Official Charts Registration
  • Monthly Royalty Payments
  • Sales returns of 90%
  • Publishing returns of 80%
  • Choice of sales outlets / retail prices
  • Free addition to new sites when they come online
  • Verified Spotify Artist Profile
  • Lyrics can be included
  • Mini / Standard / Double Album Options
  • Renewal options of 1, 2 or 5 years
  • Free BARCODE / ISRC Numbers
  • Synchronisational Promotion included
  • PPL / SoundExchange registrations

Plus FREE Promo Pack!

  • BBC Introducing Network submission (UK Clients Only)
  • Chance to play at Major Festivals (UK Clients Only)
  • MusicBrainz Database registration
  • ReverbNation Database registration
  • Your music on our Soundcloud site
  • Internet Radio promotion option
  • Your official music video/s on our YouTube site


  • Amazon
  • Bandcamp
  • Google / YouTube
  • Soundcloud




We can offer discounts if you're looking to release multiple releases at the same time (i.e. back catalogues), please EMAIL us with full details to discuss options
  • All submissions accepted at our discretion
  • All songs / titles must be published through Maori Music Publishing
  • By submitting material for Digital Distribution, you authorise Confidential Records (UK) Ltd to act as Exclusive Licencee for these recordings and for them to register these recordings with PPL, Music Reports and SoundExchange etc., on your behalf.
  • Cover versions can be released subject to a £10.00 per annum / per track licencing fee
  • Broadcasts through the BBC Introducing Network are at the discretion of the BBC
  • Ringtones can only be found in the iPhone iTunes App. at present
  • Most releases take 24-72 hours to go live in iTunes however a random percentage of releases go through an internal store review process, which can take up to 16 BUSINESS days from the day they're received by the store
  • If you have a definite required release date we strongly recommend that you submit your music for distribution one month prior

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