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Have your video distributed through VEVO Worldwide!

Do you want to get your music video on VEVO?
VEVO provides music video content for mobile and the web for some of the world's biggest artists.
Any artists or labels who distribute music via Confidential Records can now also distribute to VEVO and receive royalties whenever their music video is viewed on the most popular music video platform out there!


Check with your video producer :
  • Videos must be Full HD
  • Videos must be H.264 video compression type
  • Videos must be a .mov or .mp4
  • Videos must be 1280x720 or 1920x1080 (preferred)
  • Videos must have a frame rate no less than 23.98
  • Videos must have high quality (QT)
  • Videos must have a minimum bit rate of 7500 kb/s (unrestricted)
  • Videos must be de-interlaced
  • Videos must use multi-pass encoding
  • Videos must use AAVC format audio, in stereo, with a sample rate of
    44.1 kHz and a bit rate of 320kpbs CBR
  • Videos must not be from webcam, flip cam or iphone even if it is high quality
If your video/s do not meet these specifications they will not be accepted for distribution.

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